Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Friends!

On Monday January 25th Miles got to meet his new friends! We went to two of the area hospitals and checked in on fellow Bradley classmates who both had babies on the 24th. It was so exciting to hear their birth stories and to share in the joy of their accomplishments. We agree that because we met under such interesting circumstances we will always have a unique relationship with everyone from class. Really, where else can you discuss bodily fluids, the merits of squatting, and then sit in a darkened room for deep relaxation with total strangers? Those strangers quickly became like family. Now I hope our babies will enjoy each other just as much as they grow together.
Here the proud papas display their most prized possessions!

Monica looks thrilled to finally have Sofia, her little miracle, in her arms.

Miles looks like a giant with his five weeks in advance "on the outside."

Next stop a visit to meet Chloe. (Both babies pretty much snoozed through their introductions.)

More papa pictures!

Looks like she has her mothers wonderful smile!

If there was one thing that we all agreed on it was that the process and the end product of pregnancy and childbirth are nothing short of a miracle. I am sure that soon we will hear news of the birth of the last baby from class and then we will have to schedule a "reunion" with kids!

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