Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bradley Update

Last September Michael and I went to our first Bradley Method class for natural childbirth and we met four fabulous couples who were on the same journey. We gathered every Monday night for twelve weeks and as we learned we laughed so hard sometimes I was not sure we'd make it out alive. Truly the greatest gift from this experience was the friendships we have gained and we are having so much fun watching and waiting for these babies to be born!
The Beautiful Ladies of Bradley!
We took this picture Week Eight and lined up in the order of our due dates. From right to left Sarah (Dec. 6th), Sally (Dec. 9th), Monica (Jan. 24th), Bethany (Feb. 1st), and Cassie (Feb. 10th).
As we have learned, your due date is simply a suggestion, and together Sarah and I watched our due dates pass by.

This picture was taken December 14th when Sarah and I went out to lunch at Marie Catrib's and we ate spicy potatoes with hot sauce hoping to induce labor! It did not happen right away but eventually the inevitable happened and Miles and Josie were born.

We got together again on January 8th as new mothers for our very first play date. It was a wonderful way to start the new year and amazing to see these two new people in the world. Everything feel NEW to me these days as I try to learn my role as mom and I am so grateful to have friends to share it with!

I love this series of pictures. It seems like Miles and Josie are having a conversation as they wave their arms and make great facial expressions.

After Miles and Josie were born Monica realized she was next in line. She came over January 5th to get in some "practice" and Miles loved being held all evening!

Then on the 22nd Sarah came over with Josie for play date number two. I took another series of photos of Miles and Josie "talking." At first they seemed a bit shy but they eventually warmed up to each other.

The proud parents posed their children as I snapped pictures!

Then we had a wonderful surprise visit as Cassie stopped by with her husband Paul. They were on their way home from a doctors visit and believed that the labor process had begun! Wow - Josie and Miles were ecstatic that soon they would have another friend to play with!
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: As I write this I just received a message from Cassie that Chloe Amelia has been born... looks like this was one of the last few pictures of a beautifully pregnant Cassie. Can't wait for more news... and to find out who is next!

UPDATED UPDATE: Wow! I am not sure if it was the uncharacteristic January thunderstorms on Saturday night or just all the baby vibes that have been swirling about, but there is another baby girl in the world! We received word that Monica and Todd are the proud new parents of Sofia Nicole born on Sunday night (her due date!!). I can hardly believe that Chloe and Sofie will share the same birthday! I am also glad that Monica and Cassie were not sharing a midwife :-).

Miles officially has three new girlfriends. The last question is will Bethany have a boy or a girl?

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