Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tiny Feet

We had a little photo shoot because I wanted to try to capture how small Miles still is right now. (Even though he already weighs more than 10 lbs!) It is hard to believe we were ever this little and I am constantly amazed when I look at his tiny hands and feet. The images conjured up the lyrics to a song that is very special to me! Michael wrote In a Dream Last Night and it is on the most recent record he has been working on. Now our dream is a reality and we get to see Miles grow in front of our eyes each and every day.

In a Dream Last Night
What started off as just a dream
Turned into a reason to make life reality
Thinking of the way you might yet be
And how you’ll make me proud that I decided to believe

Is it hard to mention
Do I still feel so much shame?
Had to think things over before I walked away

Saw you in a dream last night
You were standing there
There’s a world outside waiting for you to live

With tiny hands and tiny feet
Child, you’ll grow into a person more than memory
I imagine you’ll be greater than I have been
Places that you’ll go and mountains you will leap

None of these things matter
They are small in the big game
Whatever you are is beautiful to me

I won’t pretend that
I won’t make mistakes
We’ll live and learn how
And teach each other faith

Saw you in dream last night
You were standing there
There’s a world outside
Waiting for you to live

And I hope I might
Get a chance to say
That you made proud
Every single day

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